Maternal phenylketonuria

Kristina Štuikienė, Dalia Stonienė, Jūratė Buinauskienė, Aušrelė Kudrevičienė, Eglė Markūnienė, Rasa Tamelienė


Phenylketonuria is a hereditary metabolic disorder inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. Elevated phenylalanine levels in a pregnant woman with phenylketonuria result in phenylalanine embryopathy. Failure to follow special diets during gestation results in neonatal dysplasia. More favorable outcomes are observed when phenylalanine levels remain within normal ranges prior to conception, or at least when they reach normal levels by the 4th-10th weeks of gestation.

We report the case of a newborn with maternal phenylketonuria.


phenylketonuria; maternal phenylketonuria; microcephaly; psychomotor development

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