A look at the future after 35 years of history of neonatology of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João

Luís António Sousa Queirós, Maria Hercília Ferreira Guimarães Pereira Areias, Amélia Ricon Ferraz


The authors aim to describe the 35 years of history of the neonatal unit of the São João University Hospital Center (Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João), Porto, Portugal, a level III-C hospital, analyzing the evolution of its health care and academic and scientific activities. This article also pays tribute to all people involved in the creation and evolution of the neonatal unit.
Since its opening in 1983, in a context of growth in the neonatology field, both nationally and internationally, many changes occurred. Some of these include the gradual increase in the number of admissions in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a decrease in the mortality rate and morbidity, a constant modernization and specialization of the professional team and equipment, the general improvement in health care and a recent adoption of a new philosophy of care, a family-integrated approach. The neonatal unit actively contributes to the academic activity in the São João University Hospital Center (Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João) and in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto) and also has an active scientific activity, with a progressive increase in the number of published papers, in national and international journals.
The authors believe that it is possible to work for a better present and future by looking at the past. The positive evolution observed over the years is encouraging to continue in the future. The recent creation of the University Medical Center between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto and the São João University Hospital Center is also a good promise for a more interconnected work between health care and both the academic and scientific activities in neonatology.


history of medicine; Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto; newborn; neonatal health care; neonatal research

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