World Breastfeeding Week! Read 20 papers on breastfeeding published in JPNIM

1-7 August 2018: it’s World Breastfeeding Week! The theme of this year is "Breastfeeding: Foundation for Life".

On this occasion, we have collected the most interesting papers published in our journal on the topic of breastfeeding. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

  • Fanos V, Pintus R, Reali A, Dessì A. Miracles and mysteries of breast milk: from Egyptians to the 3 M’s (Metabolomics, Microbiomics, Multipotent stem cells). J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2017;6(2):e060204. doi: 10.7363/060204 – SummaryPDF
  • Castilho S, Miranda AM, Fernandes CA, Cunha M, Barroso R. Excess weight loss and hypernatremia in exclusively breastfed infants. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2018;7(2):e070212. doi: 10.7363/070212 - SummaryPDF
  • Fanos V, Reali A, Marcialis MA, Bardanzellu F. What you have to know about Human Milk Oligosaccharides. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2018;7(1):e070137. doi: 10.7363/070137 – SummaryPDF
  • Quitadamo PA, Palumbo G, Gatta A, Cianti L, Copetti M, Gentile MA, Cristalli P. How do characteristics of donors and their children influence volume and composition of banked milk? J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2018;7(1):e070121. doi: 10.7363/070121 – SummaryPDF
  • Giordano G. Promotion and support of breastfeeding: which role for a hospital portal? J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2017;6(2):e060202. doi: 10.7363/060202 – SummaryPDF
  • Kaingade P, Somasundaram I, Nikam A, Behera P, Kulkarni S, Patel J. Breast milk cell components and its beneficial effects on neonates: need for breast milk cell banking. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2017;6(1):e060115. doi: 10.7363/060115 – SummaryPDF
  • Bertino E, Giribaldi M, Cester EA, Coscia A, Trapani BM, Peila C, Arslanoglu S, Moro GE, Cavallarin L. New human milk fortifiers for the preterm infant. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2017;6(1):e060124. doi: 10.7363/060124 – SummaryPDF
  • Faa G, Fanos V, Puddu M, Reali A, Dessì A, Pichiri G, Gerosa C, Fanni D. Breast milk stem cells: four questions looking for an answer. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2016;5(2):e050203. doi: 10.7363/050203 – SummaryPDF
  • D’Angelo G, Manti S, Barbalace A, Barberi I. Breastfeeding: a natural defence against obesity? J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2016;5(1):e050106. doi: 10.7363/050106 – SummaryPDF
  • Reali A, Puddu M, Pintus MC, Marcialis MA, Pichiri G, Coni P, Manus D, Dessì A, Faa G, Fanos V. Multipotent stem cells of mother’s milk. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2016;5(1):e050103. doi: 10.7363/050103 – SummaryPDF
  • Pichiri G, Lanzano D, Piras M, Dessi A, Reali A, Puddu M, Noto A, Fanos V, Coni C, Faa G, Coni P. Human breast milk stem cells: a new challenge for perinatologists. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2016;5(1):e050120. doi: 10.7363/050120 – SummaryPDF

  • Mecacci F, Biagioni S, Ottanelli S, Mello G. Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation: how a healthy infant is born. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2015;4(2):e040236. doi: 10.7363/040236 – SummaryPDF
  • Fanos V. Metabolomics, milk-oriented microbiota (MOM) and multipotent stem cells: the future of research on breast milk. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2015;4(1):e040115. doi: 10.7363/040115 – SummaryPDF

  • Yurdakök K. Lead, mercury, and cadmium in breast milk. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2015;4(2):e040223. doi: 10.7363/040223 – SummaryPDF

  • Aceti A, Corvaglia L, Faldella G. Human milk banks: lights and shadows. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2014;3(2):e030225. doi: 10.7363/030225 – SummaryPDF

  • Corvaglia L, Martini S, Faldella G. Breastfeeding the preterm infant. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2013;2(2):e020209. doi: 10.7363/020209 – SummaryPDF

  • Papatesta E-M, Iacovidou N. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity in childhood and adolescence. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2013;2(2):e020206. doi: 10.7363/020206 – SummaryPDF
  • Šumanović-Glamuzina D. Breastfeeding practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2013;2(1):55-62. doi: 10.7363/020117 – SummaryPDF
  • Anatolitou F. Human milk benefits and breastfeeding. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2012;1(1):11-8. doi: 10.7363/010113 – SummaryPDF
  • Bertino E, Di Nicola P, Giuliani F, Peila C, Cester E, Vassia C, Pirra A, Tonetto P, Coscia A. Benefits of human milk in preterm infant feeding. J Pediatr Neonat Individual Med. 2012;1(1):19-24. doi: 10.7363/010102 – SummaryPDF


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