Selected Abstracts & Lectures of the 13th International Workshop on Neonatology

The Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM) has just published the selected lectures and the selected abstracts of the 13th International Workshop on Neonatology ("The power of Epigenetics - Twins: identical but different").

To read the Selected Lectures, please click here: Summary - PDF

To read the Selected Abstracts, please click here: Summary - PDF

The 13th International Workshop on Neonatology will be held in Cagliari (Italy) from 25 to 28 October 2017 (International Meetings with simultaneous translations: 26 and 27 October; during the International Meeting on 28 October, the sessions will be in Italian only, with slides in English).

25 October 2017

  • Meeting Società Italiana di Neonatologia - Regione Sardegna
  • Convegno Nazionale di Pediatria e Neonatologia
26 October 2017
  • 13th International Workshop on Neonatology in collaboration with the European Association of Perinatal Medicine and the Italian Society of Neonatology (International Meeting with simultaneous translations)
27 October 2017
  • 7th International Conference on Neonatal And Pediatric Laboratory Medicine in collaboration with the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) (International Meeting with simultaneous translations)
  • XII Convegno Neonatologico Infermieristico “Terra di Sardegna"
28 October 2017
  • 4th International Course on Perinatal Pathology (the sessions will be in Italian only, with slides in English)
  • Corso della Società Italiana Developmental Origins Of Health And Disease (Si-Dohad) - Dalla placenta alla salute del futuro: la potenza della programmazione

To read the programme, please click here

Registration deadline is 5 days prior to the event. To go to the registration page, please click here



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